Solar Systems

Calcium Build up in Solar Tank - AlgarveSolar systems should receive an annual maintenance check. Our service includes a comprehensive series of tests and maintenance tasks of your entire system:

  • Solar panels
  • Support frame
  • Circulation system (pipes, seals, valves etc)
  • Water tank
  • Electrical components


De-scaling treatment

Most solar panels are closed-circulation systems, but limescale / calcium can still build-up in water tanks and significantly affect efficiency. In the Algarve, where water often has a high calcium content, it is not uncommon to find solar systems so obstructed that they are only working by their electric back-up – not via the sun at all.

Penguin's technicians use purpose-designed equipment to resolve problems of calcium build-up. A de-scaling pump is connected to your solar system in order to dissolve limescale and thoroughly cleanse the pipes and tank.

Please note that this is an additional treatment to our standard maintenance.