Underfloor Heating, Radiator & Wet Systems

Water-based underfloor heating systems can also suffer from 'furring-up' and blockage of the Underfloor heating and radiators in the Algarvepipework through limescale and sludge. This can prevent adequate heat being stored in the sub-structure to radiate effectively from the floor.

Because underfloor systems are only in use over a short season in the Algarve, the water lays dormant for the rest of the year which can result in stagnation and even bacteria.

Underfloor Heating descaler for Calcium Build up AlgarveOur maintenance service uses purpose-designed equipment to resolve problems of calcium build-up. A de-scaling pump is connected to your system in order to dissolve limescale and thoroughly cleanse the underfloor pipework.

  • Efficient removal of limescale and sludge
  • Extends the life of wet underfloor heating systems
  • Increases efficiency, saving energy and money