imageAir conditioning has a positive effect on personal performance, health and indoor equipment.

With air conditioning you can create the level of comfort at which you feel best, with exactly the right temperature and a comfortable humidity.

Modern air conditioners produce clean, healthy fresh air, dehumidify the air and prevent mold. All of this efficiently and without draught or noise.

In short,air conditioning makes you feel better, more active and fit, resulting in many advantages, because he or she who feels better is more creative and productive. 

PENGUIN offers a range of air conditioning systems to suit all needs, whether for your entire home for one or more rooms, or for your business.

The air conditioning units offered by PENGUIN work as "heat pumps" being able to either cool or heat and also to treat the humidity, cleanliness and control the air distribution.

The principle of air conditioning always comes down to absorbing energy in one place and releasing it in another.

The process requires an indoor unit, an outdoor unit and copper piping to connect both. Through the piping the refrigerant flows from one unit to another. It is the refrigerant that absorbs the energy in one unit and releases it in the other. A heat pump is an air conditioner which can be used both for cooling and heating because it is able to reverse the process of transporting heat from one place to another.

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