The latest generation of air-conditioning can be controlled remotely via a range of pc/laptop, tablet or smartphone devices. No servers, adaptors or wires are necessary – only a small receiver connected to the fan unit in the room. If you're at home, your existing WiFi connection can be used: simply start the App from your chosen device. If you're away, just launch the App and manage your system via the 'Cloud'. The App is free, user-friendly and designed to correspond to your system's hand-held remote. Easy!


Mitsubishi's new MEL Cloud system is a market-leader in such technology, offering a range of further functionalities such as a weekly timer, fault reporting, local live weather and support information - all available from anywhere in the world with internet access (also of course where the air-con system is installed).

Ideal for those wishing to prepare their home before arrival, or to maintain its ambience and humidity levels whilst away, such systems point the way to how many of our domestic appliances will be controlled in future, via the 'Internet of Things' (IoT).