Solar hot water systems need annual maintenance to remain in good order and operate at best efficiency. A neglected system operates less effectively and in extreme cases will switch permanently to its electrical back-up, therefore using no solar energy at all. This may require a thorough flushing of solar panels and water tank, removal of calcium deposits and replacement of the tank's sacrificial anode.

 Summer is the time for solar systems to be at peak performance. A well-maintained system will provide maximum free hot water across the season, but the intense summer heat can also be hazardous if pressure valves are not functioning correctly and safely. Penguin technicians provide a 'Health Check' solar maintenance, to test operation and give basic care to frame, mountings, pipework joints, electrical connections and safety valves. This ensures that the system remains in good working order for the year to follow, and take maximum advantage of the sun's free energy.

With the long Algarve summer ahead, get the best out of your solar system – call Penguin NOW!