All air conditioning systems need annual maintenance. Spring is the ideal time, in readiness for the long summer ahead, and particularly in rental properties to prepare systems for rigorous use by holiday clients.


The simple task of cleaning filters is easily done yourself – lift open the casing of the unit in each room, remove its plastic mesh filter(s), clean with warm water and a soft cloth, allow to dry completely, then insert back into place. Blocked filters significantly reduce a system's efficiency – keeping them clean can reduce energy consumption by 5% - 15%. External units can also become clogged if the environment is dusty or foliage impairs the air flow. Bugs and even geckos or small mammals can cause a fault. Keeping the surrounds clean and cutting back intrusive foliage is advisable. Finally, ensure that condensate / drainage pipes are unobstructed.

A specialist air-con company will not only carry out these tasks but also check functions & performance, refrigerant gas pressure levels, thermostats, plus electrical and pipework connections.

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