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  • Solar Pool Heating Combining solar panels with a heatpump or using stand alone panels can extend your rental season or provide swimming comfort for your off season visit in those months where it is hot enough to sunbathe but not to bathe! Our new pool company website can be found here » PENGUINPOOLS.EU

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Penguin's aim is to offer cooling and heating solutions for the home and office with energy-saving as our guiding principle. We believe it is our obligation to promote the practice of responsible energy consumption, offering our clients the most efficient solutions...

Pumping up the warmth...

Heat pumps are usually associated with pool heating in the Algarve, but they can also provide highly cost-efficient [ ... ]

Algarve Heat Pumps
Pump-up your home heating!

Today's inverter air conditioning systems are a highly efficient and cost-effective way to heat and cool [ ... ]

Algarve Heat Pumps
Heatpumps to Heat and Cool your Villa in the Algarve
Heatpumps to Heat and Cool your Villa in the Algarve

An air to water heatpump is very similar to an external unit of an air conditioner. It is made up of a [ ... ]

Algarve Heat Pumps
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