Penguin's air conditioning maintenance service ensures that your systems continue to provide optimum indoor climate control. Our qualified technicians carry out a series of standard inspection tests and maintenance services for indoor and outdoor units:

  • Checking pipework seals and electrical connections
  • Cleaning all filters and moving parts
  • Testing all operational modes
  • Sanitising & freshening the system

Fogger for Ducted air conditioning in the AlgarveFurther services

For ducted-type systems, we also offer a comprehensive fumigation and cleansing service using purpose-designed equipment to spray a chemical mist throughout all ductwork. Suitable for ducted systems commonly found in hospitals, hotels and other public buildings, this disinfects bacteria (e.g. Legionella), fungal growth and viruses.



Our inspection can detect and correct potential failures either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.
The Algarve is unique in the fact that a lot of residences are holiday homes and air conditioning units are inactive for most of the year which can cause problems such as clogged up filters and refrigerant leaks.

Our customers often ask what is the difference between "maintenance" and "repair". Our maintenance contract is designed to detect or prevent a fault from occuring. But air conditioning units have a lot of mechanical parts and faults will occur over time, despite our best efforts - and this is where "repairing" comes in. Repairing is when we are called out, or have contacted the customer as a result of a maintenance inspection, to fix a fault. Our commercial maintenance contracts have a preferential clause which waives the callout charge if a fault is detected - of course we still have to charge for time and materials, but we do not undertake any repair without calling the customer first.

Our proactive maintenance contracts are ideal for Villa Managment companies, as everything is in perfect working order when the owner arrives.

We perform the following tests for each unit:

  • Cycle through the modes of operation to ensure correct working order.
  • Clean all internal and external unit filters
  • Clean all external unit condenser fins
  • Check water condensate drainage and clear all blockages
  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Check all electrical wiring and fuse boxes for faults

The advantage of regular maintenance inspection is that it can:

  1. Detect and correct potential failures, either before they occur, or before they develop into major defects
  2. Detect any hazardous or damaging situation such as faulty or crumbling wiring and water leakages which can cause condensation and structural damage to your villa.
  3. Extend the average lifespan of the unit beyond the normal 6-7 years
  4. Increase the efficiency of the units which saves energy (and money)
  5. Maintain optimum working conditions (dirty filters and low condenser refrigerant can reduce the capability of air conditioning units by as much as 40%)

From this visit we will provide a written report listing all models and serial numbers, the checks performed and the explanation for them, and any significant faults or problems will be listed and a recommendation provided.

To view an example of this report please >>>> click here <<<<.