solcrafte-200_algarve_solar.jpgSolar systems of the 'thermosiphon'-type, where the water tank is mounted horizontally above 1 or 2 solar panels, have become a familiar sight on many Algarve rooftops. They are a time-proven technology, but in some situations can look unsightly.


Now, the revolutionary new Solcrafte system, available from Penguin, combines energy-efficiency with sleek lines. Made in Austria, its innovative design completely integrates the solar panel and water tank in a single box unit. Available in several sizes, these units can be linked together for greater capacity or multi-applications.

The system is simple to install, efficient and aesthetically unobtrusive. An electric back-up automatically provides hot water in periods of insufficient free solar supply. In the Algarve's sunny climate, hot water solar systems offer an assured return-on-investment. Until now, the only objection in some situations has been on aesthetic grounds – but this new design offers an ideal solution.

Style Choices for Solar in the Algarve