Providing wet systems for renovations can prove to be prohibitively costly as the floor needs to be excavated to a minimum depth to fit all the pipes and insulation. The typical install would require the floor to be excavated to a certain depth and then an initial screed put down, placed on this is a barrier layer then the insulation which takes the PEX tubing. Once this is done then a further screed is laid down and the final tiles laid. All this requires at least the following combined depth:

Depth of Underfloor Heating

  1. 75mm sand and cement screed
  2. 0.2 Barrier protection layer
  3. 50mm Polystyrene Insulation layer which contains the PEX tubing
  4. 75mm top layer screed






Mini UFH

Our company is heavily biased towards renewable energy solutions and the wet underfloor infrastructure is best suited to saving energy using heatpump technology so thankfully there is a solution to this problem in the form of a system which is thinner and goes down directly on existing floor tiles. This means that the floor level is raised by at least 15 mm (i.e. tiles still have to be laid on top) but it is a far more cost effective solution for renovations.